Welcome to CBO Transport - delivering results and value for our clients

We are now entering our 10th year in practice.  Over this time we have helped many developments come to fruition and secured lots of planning permissions and site allocations - these range in scale from sites with a few dwellings to strategic sites with thousands of units.

Despite this time in practice we continue to operate with a small team and focus on providing director level advise at all stages of project delivery. This ensures a consistency of approach and delivers results in the most efficient way.

We have established relationships with many clients and professional partners and are proud of the number and diversity of clients in our Client List.

We continue to provide a fresh approach to Transport Planning, specialising in the promotion of development for the private sector as our track record now demonstrates, but there are a few public sector clients as well. We see projects through from inception and feasibility to implementation.

CBO Transport's Directors Paul Corbett and Steven Bowers have a combined experience of over 50 years most of which is in Transport Consultancy. We have project experience in all development sectors including strategic land promotion, major residential, food retail and employment. We also advise property owners and local communities on consultation responses to major infrastructure schemes.

Effective communication with our clients is at the heart of our service, to understand their needs and ensure we deliver the results they require. Our significant experience working with land owners, developers, professional partners and statutory bodies means we fully understand:

  • the intricacies of delivering commercially viable development through the planning system;
  • the unique challenges of individual sites;
  • our clients' varied commercial requirements.

To support this commercial awareness, we also have a technical knowledge that is well respected by leading developers, professional partners and statutory bodies across the North West. We have deep experience in accessibility planning, traffic analysis, traffic modelling and engineering design.

We use the small size of our company to our client's advantage. We can offer a service which directly responds to their needs and is not influenced by the "need to keep people busy." The savings we achieve from our low overheads are shared with our clients and we can consider different financial models on a project by project basis. Our clients receive director level advice and support throughout the life cycle of their site's development.

In short, we offer the highest levels of service and quality at competitive prices.

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