Working for site owner Albert Hartley and developer Capital and Centric, CBO prepared a Transport Assessment and Travel Plan for a 3,400m² foodstore and industrial unit in Barnoldswick, Lancashire. The industrial unit will accommodate Albert Hartley who currently occupy the whole site.

Our notable achievement in this project was the speed we prepared the Transport Assessment and Travel Plan; agreed the detail of the access arrangement with Lancashire County Council and once the application had been submitted, negotiated the detail of the Transport Assessment with Lancashire.

There were two other foodstore planning applications already running in the town. It was therefore necessary for us to work fast to allow the application to be heard at the same planning committee as the other two. The application was approved while the other two were dismissed.

Planning permission has now been granted.

  • Proposed Site Layout
  • Walking Catchments
  • Proposed Skipton Road Mini-roundabout Highway

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