Yew Tree Farm Burscough

CBO Transport was initially appointed by the land owner of Yew Tree Farm (Crompton Property Developments) in Burscough to prepare evidence for the Examination in Public (EiP) into West Lancashire's Local Plan.

The Yew Tree Farm site was a proposed allocation within the Local Plan for 500 dwellings and 10 hectares of employment land. The Council were relying on very high level transport analysis to support the allocation and CBO were therefore commissioned to look in more detail at the access requirements for the site and what potential transport mitigation would be required to address traffic impacts.

The key for this type of long term planning work, which is considering the impacts of development a long way into the future, is to keep it suitably high level so as not to be overly prescriptive but provide sufficient detail to give comfort that solutions will be available.

For the Yew Tree farm site we looked at a range of future traffic scenarios and identified how infrastructure requirements varied for each. It was quite clear what the scale and form of the main site accesses needed to be.  There were two other junctions nearby which would benefit from modest improvements.

The site was subsequently allocated and CBO prepared the Transport Assessment and Travel Plan for submission with the planning application which was for 580 homes and employment land.  Lancashire County Council wished to see an off site junction improvement which required third party land.  We were however able to demonstrate to the LPA that a junction improvement of this scale was not required and the application has been approved without this constraint. 

CBO has continued to provide transport planning advise to CPDL since approval of the outline application.  This has included the preliminary design and planning approval for the site spine road, planning permission for additional phases of employment development and preperation of a Travel Plan for the employment development.

  • Site Location
  • Potential A59 Site Access
  • Potential A59 / Square Lane Highway Improveme

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