Horwich Loco Works

CBO Transport is commissioned by Horwich Vision (a joint venture between Bluemantle and Orbit) to provide transport advice on the regeneration of the Horwich Loco Works. The site has capacity for 1,700 homes and 10 hectares of employment.

We started work on this project at JMP when we directed and managed the preparation of the transport evidence based for the Core Strategy. The work at this stage focused on the benefits of redeveloping the site, using the existing inherent accessibility of the site and the positive outcomes of developing on this scale such as new public transport services, on site ancillary facilities, networks of walking and cycling routes and provision of significant infrastructure.

The site was successfully allocated as a strategic site in the Local Plan.

We subsequently worked with the client group to look at the detail of the access arrangements for the site and the wider implications of additional traffic in the area on their existing operations. This study identified the detail of the preferred access arrangements and highway mitigation measures which have been taken forward to the planning application.

CBO then prepared the Transport Assessment and Travel Plan Framework to accompany this major application.

The application is approved and we are now assisting land owners with delivery of the initial phases of development.

  • Development Framework
  • Movement Framework
  • The Site Today
  • Chorley New Road

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