CBO Transport was appointed by Barratt Homes to provide expert witness services for a residential scheme in Tattenhall, Cheshire. During the planning application process Barratts had used a different transport consultant. CBO were therefore brought on board solely to present the scheme to the inquiry.

There were 3 other residential sites in Tattenhall also progressing through the planning application process. The inquiries for the three sites were therefore co-joined, with all three schemes being considered at the same public inquiry. Steven Bowers was identified as the expert witness for the Barratt scheme.

CBO were instrumental in coordinating the Statement of Common Ground between Transport Consultants representing the developers of all the sites and the Highway Authority.

During the process Barratt submitted a second planning application for the site. Although this was also refused (but not on highway grounds), during the application and inquiry process CBO negotiated a revised and significantly cheaper site access arrangement with the Highway Authority. It was also agreed that if the site was developed in isolation of the other sites, a previously identified junction improvement would not be required.

An outcome from the public inquiry is still awaited.

  • Proposed Access Arrangement
  • Chester Road
  • Chester Road

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